We change the way you look at your company Our main priority is to help you improve efficiency and to achieve your goals by providing you the tools and solutions for you to focus more on the core business and development and less on repetetive workload. OUR SERVICES

Our Services

Through years of experience of working closely with key and market-leading partners, we have been able to apply our expertise in sales, customer care, backoffice in several different industries with different starting points.



• Inbound sales
• Costumer service
• Costumer care
• Overflow
• Technical Support
• Order processing
• Online booking
• Reservations managment
• 24/7 Services



• Telesales BtB/BtC
• Cold calling
• Warm calling
• Up-selling
• Cross-selling
• Winback
• Renewals/Renegociations
• Costumer Care/Follow up`s
• Sales appointment call
• Costumer and Marked surveys
• Leads Generation
• Quality control



• Costumer administration
• Order fulfillment
• Logistics management
• Human Resources
• Supply-chain management
• Customer onboarding
• Live Chat support og service
• Email Management
• Social Media

Why BPO and what we can do for your company?

There are many different reasons why companies outsource. From our experience one of the most underestimated benefits is to get a different view or insight from an external party into your organization in order to bring new perspectives on your daily routines and challenges. Combined with this is the prospect of setting away some of your tasks externally in order to keep your focus on the core business as efficient as possible. Having an BPO providor gives you the luxary of being able to benchmark your inhouse department up against the external partner to make the improvements and to grow. Getting a new output on your business can open doors you never taught you had. Regardless of the size of your company, outsourcing can be of great value.



Our services are developed and adapted to each budget and specific case.


Save Time

We improve each process to make it better, faster and more profitable.



Our goals, to build a strong and prosperous relationship with partners.


Save Money

With our services you will increase efficiency, reduce your costs.


Human Capital

Our work teams are created according to the necessary characteristics.


Increase Efficienty

We keep our focus on always improving every little detail of your system.

Success is the sum of details

To improve a business process you first have to know all the chains in the process in order create a good company synergy. A common mistake many companies make is not having a good bridge of comunication between each chains which often results in mistakes.

There is always room from improvements when you start looking into the synergies and the business process chains of a company with a magnifying glass.


No client are too small or too big. No task is too difficult. Our objectives is to build strong, prosperous and long-term relationships. We always strive to make a difference and adding value to your business.

What our partners say about us?

In a period when we experienced a large increase in volume of inquiris, we contacted QV to get an expert insight and help on how to manage the incoming leads from our SoMe channels the best way possible.

They set up a good and efficiant team that had the necessary skills for the tasks and they really exeeded our expectations. Today we collaborate in several areas.

QV has been a good sparring partner and has helped us a lot in a period we have experienced a large increase in our business.

Managing Partner – Estatta Property

Robert Johnsen

We outsourced our booking and sales team to QV. We had for a long time searched to find those employees that could take that team to the next level but with no success. QV managed to take our booking and sales KPI to the next level within a short period of time. Success due to the right person in the right place. They also managed to develop flexibility in manpower which resulted in minimizing the risk with fluctuating business volume.

Our cooperation with QV led us to also outsource our Customer Care team to QV. We have increased our flexibility and thereby minimized our cost in relation to providing excellent results and the ultimate customer journey.

Head of operations – Inselo Installations AB

Björn Hällstén

Since 2013, QV has been a major contributor to our customer growth in the SMB segment. They have over many years been our biggest reseller in turns of turnover and the size of their business costumer portofolio that they manage.

I see QV as partner that are highly competent and experienced spesificly in telemarketing sales. Having seen their results over the years, it made us change the way we approach our own sales internally, from having almost exclusively agents on fieldsales duties before, to having the great majority of our sales channel to the SMB markedet- now working with telesales. QV has always scored high on both customer satisfaction and contract renewals.

Partner Manager – GlobalConnect

Kim Dahler

During a period when we really needed help having tried what we could internally without getting the desired results, QV came up with a new solution that challenged the way we managed the bookings and coordination.

We took a chance on them and did a test period on smaller scale. We ended up with a much better solution than what we had from the beginning. This was 3 years ago. Today we are good partners and develop new solutions together.

Community Operation Manager –  Inselo Innstallasjon AS.

Andres Salazar

QV was engaged to sell VDSL subscriptions for NextGenTel to the corporate market in Norway. Over the course of six months, QV had contributed more than 850 new customers in all parts of the country.

I got to know QV as a very forward-thinking group with a lot of energy and a desire to achieve lasting results in a short time. If you have the systems in place and can handle a sudden shift in order increase, I will highly recommend QV as a sales channel that is worth considering seriously.

Former Sales Director – Partners – NextGenTel

Håkon Solvang

I experience QV as a focused and proper sales company, thats is working towards the same goal as Broadnet. They turn around easily when services, technology and sales focus change, which often happens in this sector.

I quickly realized when we started the collaboration that I can trust these sales experts. They are professional and honest and very competent in their sales expertise. These are people that are easy to work with!

Fomer KAM in Broadnet

Anne Lena Lyngøy

The steps to a successful partnership.

Preventive actions to secure transparency, direct communication, determined routines and predictability are the formula to success with our partners today.


We start with an informal conversation and discuss through your needs and find some ideas on how to solve these.

We go into the details regarding work tasks, working methods and expectations.

We start a pilot to try out cooperation on smaller scale, with continuous dialogue to establish the routines.

We do an evaluation of the pilot: What we learned, measurements for improvements and a detailed longterm plan. We establish the Key Performence Indicators (KPI`s)

We enter into an agreement with the intention of a long-term and prosperous cooperation

Changing the way you look at your company

Quarnstrom & Vang, founded in 2012 is an international company that specializes in Business process outsourcing (BPO). We provide our solutions for SME`s and StartUp companies as well leading players and blue chip companies in the nordic area and in Spain, where we have our headquarters.

Our advantage is our sales expertise and sales mentality!

Our Team

We are a company that is set up differerently. We think differently and we do things differently from our competitors. We always keep our eye on the goal and the end result.

Some key factors that sets us apart.

Sales Expertise: With a successfull track record we are proud of, we have won multiple prizes for our sales performances during the years. Whether it is gaining new customers, increase value of existing customers or sell additional services/ products in customer calls, we are always performing at the highest level with amazing customer satisfaction. Our sales focus and expertise is in the backbone of the company.

Multilingual: For companies that works in several markets and countries it can be challenging to find competent personnel with the language skills required. Having different offices in different countries can make it more challenging to collaborate and share experiences in order to streamline every process. With QV you get all the expertice under one roof. We currently speak 10 different languages in our office.

Experience: A challenge many companies face is the time spent on training and coaching of personnel. Too many companies are using training and coaching methods that belongs to the past. A high turnover of employees make it challanging to maintain high quality. With a creative, flexible and stimulating work environment, and a continuous daily focus on making improvements on the tasks we perform, we don´t face these problems at QV.

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